Dental Clearance and Evaluation

Certain conditions such as cardiac valve surgeries, organ transplantations and joint replacement surgery require a “dental clearance” prior to the procedure, in order to minimize to risk of an oral infection. Having an acute oral infection can complicate a cardiac valve replacement, prosthetic joint replacement or organ transplantation, so Dr. Ali Shazib will work closely with your physician, surgeon or oncologist to evaluate your oral health needs prior to a procedure.

Your oral health and overall health are more closely related than many people think, so there are many treatments outside of the oral cavity that can be affected by your oral health. Some medical conditions for which a formal oral evaluation (dental clearance) are completed are:

  • Cardiac valve surgery
  • Infective endocarditis
  • Organ transplant (lung, heart, kidney, liver, etc.)
  • Prosthetic joint replacement surgery
  • Cancer treatment (head and neck radiation, stem cell transplant)

Dr. Shazib will perform a comprehensive oral examination (including X-rays) and coordinate these findings with your physician and dentist. If you are preparing for any of the treatments listed above, please contact New England Oral Medicine today at 207-613-6272 and schedule an appointment to meet with our oral medicine specialist for a dental clearance in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We look forward to helping you improve your health and wellness!